Our Story


The story of Benchmark Builders is one of partnership. Founded in 2013 by Paul Nash and Mike Hodes, Benchmark is the amalgamation of 40 years of experience in the building trades. Combining their skill sets allows Paul and Mike to offer a seamless building product drawn from a breadth of experience, one tailored to the unique vision and needs of each client. Benchmark places the highest value on the relationships forged among client, architect, sub-contractor, and employee. This dynamic becomes the foundation for new ideas and growth.

Our Philosophy

 Effective and proactive communication is paramount in any building project. At Benchmark we encourage our clients to hire us at the same time, or before, they hire their architect. Doing so will allow your building team to begin at a common point of understanding. Bringing our insight and experience to the table in the critical design phase can also help to identify and address designs that could potentially slow the project or cause the vision and budget to diverge.

Benchmark takes pride in employing our own staff of dedicated carpenters, allowing us to control the quality of a project through all phases of its construction. Teamwork, modern techniques, clean job sites and integrity are the staples of our building philosophy. We’ve found that this approach also attracts the highest quality subcontractors. Whether it's an addition, remodel, or new build, our approach for achieving the highest level of craftsmanship stays reliably consistent.